Integral coaching recognizes that you are a human, multi-dimensional, with many layers of feelings and needs. My many years as a trainer in Nonviolent/ Compassionate Communication (NVC) helps me support you in unearthing your own wisdom that you can take with you. You will begin feeling confident in your own assessment, choosing what is right for you and living your best life as someone who both cares for yourself and contributes to the world you want. My goal is to help you reach your goals - and to support you in being gentle with yourself along the way. I don’t believe we need to be harsh with ourselves to get where we need to go, or that your value rests in your productivity. You deserve to achieve everything you want to, while also enjoying your life. As an integral coach both who is both a Certified Nonviolent/ Compassionate Communication (NVC) Trainer and a authenticated Energy Healer, I am able to help you uncover what is your pain from personal experience and assess what is stuck energy. We work together, healing and coaching who you are as whole person. Your heart, soul and mind are not compartmentalized, but affect each other. We will uncover where you are stuck, how to have clarity about yourself, your feelings and needs, improve your communication, support you to get what you need, feel happier and live your best life.